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Our mission is to promote the specialty coffee industry. We roast coffee. We drink coffee. We learn about coffee. We share our knowledge about coffee. Our passion for specialty coffee is shared with farmers who closely monitor and control the growing, harvesting and processing stages of the coffee beans.

The quality delivered is very important. The picking process can make the difference between a low-value commodity coffee and one destined for higher prices and more demanding markets. That is why we choose our coffee beans directly from the farm.

Freshly roasted in Transylvania at Meron Roastery

We opened Meron Roastery in the name of better specialty coffee. Our roastery is a treat for coffee lovers, an experience for the roasters, an opportunity to grab a bag of unique coffee. Discover the freshly roasted in Transylvania beans. We roast for our own coffeeshops. We roast for businesses that appreciate a fine specialty coffee in their own location. We roast for the #peopleofMeron who want to feel the Meron experience at home.


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