Everything starts with today.
This minute.
This second.

Let’s enjoy this sip of coffee and look around to find the beauty in our surroundings.

The story of the Meron brand started in 2015, when a team of Cluj investors created a unique concept for the specialty coffee shops space in Romania, outlining the first location of a chain to be developed in franchise. In 2019, Meron already has 14 locations: 8 in Cluj-Napoca, 1 in Bucharest, 1 in Satu Mare, 2 in Oradea, 1 in Zalău and 1 in Târgu Mureș, being among the first franchises to cross Transylvania’s borders.

Our concept starts from the greek word “Meron”, which means “days”. This is why we want to give you the boost for a great and amazing day: alluring tasting notes, delightful company and a quick reminder that life is about NOW, about THIS MOMENT. The coffee culture is a belief that we guide daily, and for this, we pay more attention to the methods of coffee preparation (espresso and brew), but also to the latest trends in equipment and accessories that are so necessary for a passionate barista.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Meron products, but we are eager to hear your curiosities regarding coffee culture at office@meron.coffee

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